It all started
with a simple idea.

The idea

In 2016, Fabrice was working at a camera store, fueled by his love for photography, he started collecting both film and digital cameras. Wanting to give his cameras a touch of elegance, he embarked on a mission to find stylish straps. However, he quickly discovered that the market was flooded with poorly made fabric or plastic products, leaving him dissatisfied.

Determined to solve the problem, Fabrice took matters into his own hands:
"You know what? I'll make them myself."

Despite having no experience in leather crafting, he tackled the challenge with his usual perfectionism. After lots of hard work and training, he finally created high-quality camera straps that met his standards.

Recognizing the demand for such products, Fabrice began selling his leather straps at the camera store, and that's when Fab' was born. With a clear goal in mind, Fab' aimed to produce durable, eco-friendly, and timeless leather goods.

An eco-friendly approach

Producing goods that are well-made and built to last a lifetime is a great way to reduce our consumption. It's also important to consider the materials used and how they're made. For example, Fab' uses vegetable-tanned leather, which is known to be the most eco-friendly methods of leather production out there. He also makes a point to minimize transportation distances by sourcing materials locally or as close as possible.

in full expansion

In 2024, Fab' partnered with a leading distribution company in the Canadian photo industry. This collaboration will make Fab' camera straps available to photographers from coast to coast in numerous camera stores across the country.

Fabrice and his team of skilled leatherworkers are prepared to elevate Fab' to new heights, eager to spread their enthusiasm for crafting exceptional products to a wider audience.