Our leather from Wickett & Craig

We've choose Wickett & Craig for all the leather used at Fab' for many reasons. Let us show you their amazing story and production process and you'll find out  why it's the only leather we've been using for years...

In the world of leathercraft, few names carry the same weight and reputation as Wickett & Craig. With a heritage spanning over 150 years, this American tannery has built a legacy of unmatched craftsmanship and quality in the leather industry.

A Legacy of Excellence

Wickett & Craig was founded in 1867 in Toronto, Canada, by two leather craftsmen, Henry Wickett and William Craig. In the decades that followed, the tannery gained a reputation for producing some of the finest vegetable-tanned leather in North America. In 1901, the tannery moved to its current location in Curwensville, Pennsylvania, where it continues to operate today.

The hallmark of Wickett & Craig's success has always been their unwavering commitment to producing top-tier leather. Their meticulous tanning process, which combines traditional methods with modern technology, results in leather that is not only durable but also incredibly beautiful.

Sustainability at the Core

One of the most remarkable aspects of Wickett & Craig is their dedication to sustainability. As environmental concerns have gained prominence in recent years, many industries have had to adapt their practices. Wickett & Craig, however, has been ahead of the curve for quite some time.

They use a vegetable tanning process, which relies on natural extracts from tree bark and leaves, as opposed to the more commonly used chrome tanning method that uses chemicals harmful to the environment. This commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that their leather is not only high quality but also sustainable.

Wickett & Craig also sources their hides from North American cattle farms known for their ethical and humane treatment of animals. This dedication to ethical sourcing further underlines their commitment to responsible and sustainable leather production.

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